How To Optimize Your Microsoft Office Suite With Dynamics CRM

It is common knowledge that Microsoft Office is a leading software platform used by millions of small, medium and large organizations around the world.

MS office suite includes such applications as: Excel, Word, PowerPoint, SharePoint, Outlook, etc.

Now most organizations also require a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool to efficiently manage business workflows like Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Finance & Operations to name a few.

For organizations already using the Microsoft Office suite, it makes sense that the Microsoft Dynamics application should be your first consideration for a CRM solution with the following reasons:

  1. Integration: It’s a no-brainer that an MS Dynamics CRM solution would be easier and faster to integrate with existing MS Office applications
  2. Cost: Compared to most other out-of-box CRM/ERP solutions in the marketplace like Salesforce, the MS Dynamics cost per user is way less expensive by a large margin
  3. Support: You would have a one-stop shop support for both your MS office applications and MS Dynamics CRM, which saves you time and energy in dealing with any software issues as they arise.